The Ultimate Guide To The Best Massages and Spas In Bangkok – Klook Travel Blog

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Massages and Spas In Bangkok – Klook Travel Blog

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Let’s face it, a trip to Bangkok ( or any part of Thailand, rather ) wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one massage or spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp parlour. And with the abundance of parlours located all around, everyone wants to know which is the best !

So from traditional Thai Massages and Reflexology treatments to Herbal Compresses and even Onsen, here’s your ultimate guide to the best massage and spas in the land of smiles. We’ve categorized the spas depending on individual wallet sizes, from the budget hunters to the

average spenders

and the big spenders

Before that, here’s a quick rundown of the massage parlours in this list !

For the Budget Hunters

For the ones looking for a good R&R session without having to break the ngân hàng, these 5 parlours are for you !

#1 Divana Spa

Divana Spa

Let’s face it, Bangkok’s spa and massage treatments are either cheap and good, or excellent and expensive. However, Divana Spa might just break that stereotype.

They may not be the cheapest parlour in Bangkok but for treatments that are value for money, they won’t disappoint. They currently have 5 branches around Bangkok and each feature an extensive range of treatments all housed in a traditional house .Divana SpaCommonly referred to as the best luxury spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Bangkok, guests can expect quality treatments paired with only the best products. Signature treatments like the 3.5 – hour Ayurvedic Rose Glamour has seen positive trình làng on both the truyền thông and social platforms and is often slated as the perfect treatment for honeymooners !“ It’s one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had ! I rarely fall asleep during a massage, but I soon was completely relaxed and my mind at easy, drifting away ! ”Divana Spa Treatments at Divana Spa are all reasonably priced, with their highly recommended Organic Sensitive Collagen facial treatment going for just 1,650 Baht ( ~ 65 SGD ) .Divana Spa also has ongoing promotions on their treatments that are consistently featured on their websites as well as social truyền thông sites .

This spa goes by reservations only and we highly recommend to book early. Yes, as soon as you touch down would be great! Remember to get yourself a 4G SIM Card so you won’t encounter any connection issues that’ll hinder your R&R plans. (Ahem, first world problems)

Price: From 1000 Baht (~39 SGD)

Address: 71 Sukhumvit 11, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Location: Wattana

Nearest Station: Nana Station

Opening hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm daily

Contact: +66 02 651 2916

#2 Let’s Relax Spa

Featured in Lonely Planet and selected as the most popular day spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Thailand, this 18 – year establishment boasts multiple other awards and today, has 20 branches located around Thailand, including one in Nước Trung Hoa .With such an impressive portfolio, you’re sure to enjoy top quality service here, and here’s why .Let's Relax SpaLet’s Relax Spa go for as low as 300 baht (~12 SGD) and reflexology treatments from 150 baht (~ 6 SGD)! Choose from a wide range of packages and treatments and you’re on your way to massage haven in no time. And what with highly trained professionals under the roof of a multi-awarded joint, you’re in good hands!Massage treatments atgo for as low as 300 baht (~12 SGD) and reflexology treatments from 150 baht (~ 6 SGD)! Choose from a wide range of packages and treatments and you’re on your way to massage haven in no time. And what with highly trained professionals under the roof of a multi-awarded joint, you’re in good hands!Let's Relax Spa

Let’s Relax also offers signature packages that include Golfers’ Heaven (a 2-hour treatment that consists of Aromatic Hot Stone Massage and Foot Reflexology), Dream Package (comprising of back and shoulder massage as well as foot and hand reflexology) and Blooming Life (contains Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Body Scrub and Wrap and Facial Relaxation).

And if you think it couldn’t get any better, your treatment sessions will end with a complimentary dessert treat, definitely a spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experience unlike any other !

Price: From 150 Baht (~ 6 SGD)

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 39, North Klongton, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand

Location: Wattana

Opening hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 am daily

Contact: +66 2 662 6936

Nearest station: Phetchaburi Station

#3 Health Land Spa

Healthland Spa

Health Land Spa is a cheaper alternative to the expensive 5-star hotel treatments around Bangkok, and is perfect for relieving the stiffness in your muscles.  Started in 1999, this parlour now has 10 locations in Bangkok and Pattaya, and each are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with treatments at affordable prices.

Healthland SpaHere, enjoy quality massage treatments from just 550 baht ( ~ 20 SGD ) and leave feeling refreshed and brand new. Also, Health Land features all the amazing amenities that you should need such as shower facilities ( down to the hair dryer ! ) for when you require a wash up after the treatments .Popular treatments such as the Ayurvedic Steam Bath ( a 30 – minute treatment where guests sit in a steam chamber, in which vapors boiled herbal leaves are passed through, aiming to remove skin toxins, thereby toning the skin ) are must-tries and come at affordable prices that won’t leave your wallet crying for the rest of your Bangkok trip !Healthland SpaAs Health Land is very popular among the locals, it is advised to book your appointment at least one or two days in advance in case you’re okay with coming all the way, only to leave without securing a session !Klook yourself some Health Land Spa coupons, which you can pick up right at BBK or DMK airport, for top class services without breaking the ngân hàng !“ While everything was basic, the attention to detail made it a fair substitute for khách sạn spas ! ”

Price: From 550 Baht (~20 SGD)

Address: (Asoke’s branch) 55/5 Sukhumvit 21 Rd., Khlongtoeinuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Location: Asoke

Opening hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm daily

Contact: +66 02 261 1110

Nearest station: Asoke Station

#4 Perception Blind Massage

Perception Blind Massage

Having just opened in 2014, this massage parlour in Bangkok is fairly new to the scene, but that isn’t stopping Perception Blind Massage from quickly gaining popularity to becoming one of Bangkok’s must-visit massage parlours. This is because the therapists and masseuses here aren’t just skilled, they’re visually impaired!

Perception Blind MassageYou heard that right, by focusing only on their sense of touch, the therapists aims to give you a massage experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Here you’ll find the usual services – traditional Thai massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. The only difference ? All treatments are held in a dark interior with minimal lighting !Perception Blind MassageEach therapist here has their own unique story to tell and based on the trình làng from trực tuyến sites and bloggers, these stories make the massage experience more unique, which will have you walking away feeling not only refreshed, but inspired !“ On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the entire experience a 9 and would highly recommend a visit. Next time I go back I will make sure I have more time and will try the 2 – hour Thai massage ! ”Dexter CafeChicken Breast and Bacon Sandwich served with Salad and Potato Wedges

They are also located right next to Dexter Cafe, which is also owned by the owners of Perception Blind Massage. So hop over after your massage and try their menu of Thai and Western favourites, or simply for a drink!

Dexter CafeLime Soda

Price: From 350 Baht (~13 SGD)

Address: 56,58 Soi Piphat, North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Location: Silom

Opening hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm daily

Contact: +66 82 222 5936

Nearest Station: Chong Nonsi Station

#5 Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori Onsen & Spa

First of its kind in the land of smiles, Yunomori Onsen & Spa boasts an elegant interior and offers a mix of both Thai and Japanese massage, spa and onsen services.

Yunomori Onsen & SpaYunomori has several hot spring baths as well as a carbonated soda water pool, an onsen pool, and a jet pool .

Also, the water used in the onsen pool is maintained at a steady temperature of 43C and are brought directly from the springs of Wat Wangkanai, for which its thermal waters are well-known for their healing benefits. The onsen bath is also said to relieve the body from mental and physical stress, aside from other healings such as soothing of muscles.

And for the ones who prefer cooler treatments, opt for the Cold Bath, where you’ll dip into 16C – 17C waters that are said to have anti-ageing benefits !Yunomori Onsen & SpaYou can opt for the massage and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatments after your onsen ! Choose from either a traditional Thai massage, Aromatherapy, Herbal Compress, or the Body Scrub. We must add that the treatments offered here are accompanied at reasonable prices, which is pretty okay considering the fact that Yunomori is one of a kind in the city !“ How did we feel after an hour or of soaking and steaming ? Glowing, relaxed and super clean ! ”

Price: Entrance fee: 35 Baht (~1.40 SGD), Treatments from 68 Baht (~2.7 SGD)

Address: 120/5 Soi Sukhumvit 26 Klongton

Location: Klongton

Opening hours: 10:30am – 12:00am daily

Contact: +66 02 259 5778

Nearest Station: Phrom Phong Station

For the Average Spenders

The next few parlours are for the ones who are willing to spare a few extra cash for good quality treatments. They aren’t looking to spend a bomb though, but are sure looking for a value-for-money massage .

6. Chillax Spa

Chillax Spa

Ever felt the need for a full body massage after a whole night of partying? If your answer is “all the time”, then Chillax Spa is the only place you should go to cure your hangover. What sets Chillax Spa apart from other Bangkok Spas would have to be their hangover treatments, which aim to rejuvenate partygoers.

Chillax SpaBoasting minimal interior design and a cosy setting, Chillax Spa’s treatments such as the Hangover Retreat will have you feeling not even a little bit hungover when you leave ! They also offer other spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp and massage treatments such as the Traditional Thai Massage, Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology .Chillax SpaDid we mention that Chillax Spa also features a bar ? Yes, you heard that right. Conveniently parked within the facility itself, guests can hop on over for whiskey or a cocktail after the treatment, or vice versa !

With so much to enjoy, why not make use of luggage concierge services to squeeze in one last massage before your flight?

Price: From 1,200 Baht (~47 SGD)

Address: 33 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok

Location: Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana

Opening hours: 10:30am – Midnight daily.

Contact: +66 02 258 5018

Nearest Station: Phrom Phong Station

7. Oasis Spa

Oasis Spa

Located in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, The Oasis Spa offers the perfect combination of ancient Thai massage techniques with modern treatments in a Lanna-style (traditional Northern Thailand architecture that mainly consists of Teak wood) setting that will have you forgetting the bustling city of Bangkok from the moment you step in.

Started in 2003, Oasis Spa became known as the most patronised spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Chiang Mai and today, has 5 branches across Thailand, with two in Bangkok. Also, most of the ingredients used for their treatments such as the main herbs and minerals are locally-grown and are prepared daily !Oasis Spa

Highly recommended treatments from patrons include the Oasis Four Hands (massage treatment done by two therapists that aims to offer double the results) and Siamese Therapeutic Wisdom (the use of Thai Herbal Hot Compress and Herbal Massage Balm that aims to improve blood circulation, stress relief, flexibility and more).

“ If I could give 20 stars out of 20 I would .. that’s how awesome I feel this place is ! ”Oasis Spamobile10 to enjoy further discount!

Oasis Spa also has a wide range of packages that you can choose from! And if you book these packages from Klook, you’ll get to enjoy exclusive discounts as well as hotel pick-ups. Also, if you’re a first time user, simply enter the promo code:to enjoy further discount!

So skip the queues and Klook your very own pampering session now !

Price: From 900 Baht

Address: 64 Soi Sawasdee, Sukhumvit 31, Wattana, Bangkok

Location: Wattana

Opening hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm daily

Contact: +66 2262 2122

Nearest Station: Sukhumvit Station

8. Luxsa Spa

Luxsa Spa

Located on the 10th floor of the very famous Hansar Hotel Bangkok, the Luxsa Spa isn’t just another spa that offers luxurious treatments in an equally appealing setting. In fact, this establishment is one of the top ranked spas in the world after just opening in 2012!

Luxsa SpaThis isn’t surprising because aside from their treatments, the service offered at Luxsa Spa has seen nothing but heaps of positive trình làng trực tuyến, which has seen many of their patrons becoming regular customers !

“Our first ever couples Thai massage left us incredibly relaxed, somewhat sleepy and yearning for more!”

Signature treatments like The Eastern Blend ( a combination of Thai oil massage techniques that aims to relieve sore muscles and improve blood circulation ) and Hot Stone Healing ( the use of hot basalt stone and warm oil to detox the body toàn thân, relieving it of stress and sore muscles ) are carefully crafted and done by skilled professionals, so you’re in good hands !Luxsa SpaIn their expansive menu, Luxsa Spa also offers facials, body toàn thân scrub and wrap treatments, hair salon làm tóc and make-up services, as well as manicure and pedicure. Truly a place for a whole day of me-time !

Price: From 900 Baht

Address: 3/250 Soi Mahadlekluang 2, Rajdamri Road Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Location: Rajdamri

Opening hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm daily

Contact: +66 2 209 1234

Nearest Station: Ratchadamri Station

9. Asia Herb Association

Now, you would think that a Japanese-owned massage and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp parlour isn’t going to offer the traditional Thai massage services that you’re looking for. And even if they do, you’d assume that it won’t be up to your expectations .

Well, Asia Herb Association might just be the perfect parlour to change your mind!

Asia Herb AssociationAsia Herb Association specialises in using ancient Thai techniques and most of their treatments start at affordable prices .In fact, their highly recommended treatment that is the Thai massage With Herbal Press goes for just 900 Baht ( ~ 36 SGD ) ! Aiming to soothe muscle aches, the herbal presses used are also handmade with the spa’s special herb mixture and boiled in hot water prior to the 90 – minute treatment .Asia Herb AssociationThere is also a wide range of head and shoulder massage services available that start from as low as 600 Baht ( ~ 24 SGD ) !“ That was one experience my best friend and I will never forget. ”Asia Herb Association is also immensely popular amongst the Japanese and Korean tourists and patrons are advised to make reservations trực tuyến to avoid the long wait .

Price: From 600 Baht (~24 SGD)

Address: 20/1 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok

Location: Wattana

Opening hours: 9:00am – 2:00am daily

Contact: +66 02 261 2201

Nearest Station: Phrom Phong Station

For the big spenders

For the ones who aren’t worried about breaking the ngân hàng, and are willing to pay for a really good massage that they probably won’t forget their whole life, here are 6 of the most expensive but undeniably amazing spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatments we could find .

10. Away Spa

Away Spa

But no other spa in Bangkok screams modern as well as Away Spa. Situated in W Hotel, the Away Spa offers spa and massage treatments, facials and beauty services in a completely modernised and well, individual setting.

Why individual ? In the VIP double treatment room, guests can choose the colour of the lighting that they prefer. So from the beds to the walls and artwork, the choice of light will have everything fall into place, creating a soothing spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experience for you .Away SpaThe spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp also features amazing decor that is inclusive of a jacuzzi as well as a separate lounge for the beauty services like manicure, pedicure and even haircuts .Away SpaTry your hand at the 5 – hour signature treatment package, the Away Re-Charge Escape Metamorphosis which comprises of a combination of all their signature treatments in one. So sit back and relax as you enjoy a body toàn thân scrub, wrap, massage and a facial !“ The lighting intensity was perfect and music was as per the energising theme. My masseur was highly attentive to my comfort levels and checked with me about the massage pressure, lighting, temperature and music. ”Located on the 6 th floor of W Hotel, the Away Spa is known as the new must-visit spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Bangkok, so you can surely expect it to be fully-booked ! Also, the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp takes cancellations very seriously and there will be penalty charges involved if cancellations aren’t made 24 – hours in advance .

Price: From 2354 Baht (~93 SGD)

Address: 106 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand

Location: Silom

Opening hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm daily

Contact: +66 02 344 4160

Nearest Station: Silom Station

11. Como Shambala Spa

Como Shambala Spa

Providing the perfect combination of all of Asia’s best massage techniques, Como Shambala Spa, located in Metropolitan Hotel, is also referred to as one of the top picks for luxury spas in Bangkok.

Here you’ll find 10 different treatment rooms housed in a beautifully designed interior. From beauty to spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp and massages, Como Shambala’s services promises you the “ urban escape ” you need in the middle of bustling Bangkok .Como Shambala SpaComo Shambala also boasts a huge portfolio of services that include lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and even anti-ageing skincare services. Also, they only use premium, top-quality products that are không tính tiền from potential harmful substances such as silicones including artificial colour and fragrance .The spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp also allows its patrons to tailor the services to their needs and preferences, ensuring nothing but comfort throughout the experience .Como Shambala SpaThe most recommended treatment offered here has to be the signature Shambala Massage. Enter a state of rejuvenation as all of your stubborn knots and tensions ( that were probably caused by the constant 9-5 routine ) ease up under the hands of professional therapists .“ It feels a little uncomfortable at the time, but as I leave I can tell the tension has disappeared. ”Be sure to try the facial treatments offered as well. Aiming to clear the mind from worrying thoughts, the acupressure techniques used in some of these treatments will have you leaving Como Shambala feeling like a whole new person !Do note that Como Shambala goes by reservations only ! Reservations can be done on their website, so do book early because the slots fill out fast !

Price: From 2,400 Baht (~93 SGD)

Address: 27 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Location: Sathorn

Opening hours: By reservations only

Contact: +66 2 625 3355

Nearest Station: Lumpini Station

12. AKA Forever Young

AKA Forever Young

Who knew salt could be a major ingredient for a spa treatment? Here in AKA Forever Young, guests can walk into an artificial cave filled with layers after layers of imported Himalayan salt for the signature Himalayan Salt Cave treatment that is also accompanied by a friendly price of 600 Baht (~ 23 SGD) per hour!

AKA Forever YoungThe Himalayan Salt Cave actually helps in removing dust and several other contaminants in your lungs, which results in an overall cleansing of your respiratory system, as well as soothing muscle aches .In fact, the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp has seen guests coming over in hopes to ease illnesses like asthma, allergies and even insomnia .AKA Forever YoungAKA Forever Young also offers other organic treatments such as facials and the Reiki Massage ( a Japanese massage technique used to reduce stress levels ). They also conduct Reiki Massage classes as well !

Price: From 2,000 Baht (~79 SGD)

Address: 39 / 10-15 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Klong Toey Nua, Wattana

Location: Klong Toey Nua, Wattana

Opening hours: Tuesdays – Fridays: 10:30am – 7:30pm. Saturdays – Sundays: 10:00am – 7:00pm

Contact: +66 02 259 2288

Nearest Station: Sukhumvit Station

13. One Sand Bath Therapy

One Sand Bath Therapy

Fancy being sand-buried neck down at 55C? Then head over to One Sand Bath Therapy for a sunbathing session unlike any other. Fairly new to the scene, this establishment imports its volcanic Japanese sand used for its Signature Sand Bath treatment from Japan itself and aims to provide guests with a unique spa experience.

One Sand Bath TherapyBut first, a little background on these volcanic Japanese sand, shall we ? It is said that this humble looking grain boasts over 50 vitamins and minerals that improve a whole ton of stuff for your body toàn thân, namely your immune system, blood circulation and even decrease signs of aging .Also, we did mention that the sand holds an impressive temperature of 55C, meaning that it is not recommended stay sand-buried for more than 20 minutes. The staff will also check your pulse to determine the suitable duration for your body toàn thân !One Sand Bath TherapyAnd of course, be prepared to sweat. In fact, the owners of the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp said that the treatment is equivalent to 1.5 hours of rigorous exercise !One Bath Sand Therapy also offers other spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp services such as Thai Traditional Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Foot massage and more. Do note that the Signature Sand Bath is extremely popular and requires reservations of at least 2 days before, so be sure to book early !

Price: From 2,500 Baht (~99 SGD)

Address: 40 Soi Sringarindra 65, Khwaeng Nong Bon, Khet Prawet, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

Location: NongBon

Opening hours: 12:00pm – 10:00pm daily.

Contact: +66 85 140 5454

Nearest Station: Bangna Station

14. I.SAWAN Residential Spa & Club

I.SAWAN Residential Spa & Club

The I.Sawan Residential Spa & Club definitely tops this list in terms of both size and facilities. Spanning over 7,000 metres, this particular spa will have you enjoying the ultimate me-time that you desire with its brilliant amount of facilities that include a gym, a pool, restaurants, tennis courts, treatment bungalows and even accommodation!

I.SAWAN Residential Spa & ClubWith all of that under one roof, we have to say that the Spa facilities that are offered here really takes the cake. Choose from a wide range of massage and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatments that range from short facials to full day spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp packages .Award-winning treatments include the Essence of I.Sawan ( choose from three treatments that consist of massage, body toàn thân scrub, body toàn thân wrap and anti-aging facial ) and Men On the Go ( a quick 30 – minute massage that focuses on a specific area for stress relief ) .I.Sawan Residential Spa & ClubBut if you’re not really looking into spending a whole day at the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, then just head over to any of the other many facilities ! Now, isn’t this the ultimate sanctuary you’ve always dreamt about ?

Price: From 1,800 Baht (~71 SGD)

Address: 494 Rajdamri Road, Bangkok, 10330

Location: Rajdamri

Opening hours: 9:00am – 11:00pm daily.

Contact: +66 2 254 1234

Nearest Station: Siam Station

15. Theta State Float Centre

Theta State Float Centre

For those looking for a unique spa experience without the firm touch of the therapists (or any human interaction, rather), then Theta State Float Centre is for you.

Here you’ll enter a tank filled with salt water and float in darkness for about an hour or so. There is also the Floating Room for the ones who shy away from enclosed spaces !Theta State Float CentreLike its name, the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp aims to offer guests the experience of being in Theta State, which refers to the state we normally experience between sleep and consciousness. While floating in the tank with no stimulation, your body toàn thân is able to destress, giving you the relaxation that you need .Aside from that, this treatment enables quick recoveries from injuries and muscle aches, as well as helping to increase endorphins, which will allow you to sleep better .Also, did we mention that you’ll be wearing earplugs in the treatment room that is completely soundproof and insulated ? This is to ensure that your experience is completely không lấy phí from outside noise = ultimate alone time !Treatments at the Theta State Float Centre start at a shy of 1,950 Baht ( ~ 77 SGD ), but there are multiple promotions on their Facebook page and website so do check them out !“ The time went incredibly quickly and when I exited the pod, my watch told me I’d been inside for almost an hour and a half. I genuinely thought it had been closer to 20 minutes ! ”

Price: From 1,950 Baht (~ 77 SGD)

Address: 88/1 24th Avenue Mall Soi Sukhumvit 24, Klong Ton

Location: Klong Ton

Opening hours: Opened daily, with these time slots: 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

Contact: +66 2 261 7943

Nearest Station: Phrom Phong Station

Escape Bangkok’s bustle

footer image So there you have it ! Our take on the best massage and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp parlours in Bangkok for the relaxation you deserve .

For a limited time only, Klook is offering 10% off all packages booked with Let’s Relax Spa in Bangkok! Visit the link below to find out more and Klook your massage today!

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